Caterina Petrarulo

Languages: English, Spanish, German


  • 2022 Theater lessons with the actor Giorgio Consoli
  • 2021 Theatrical stage – training for a month at ‘’ La cura’’ Festival at ‘’La Luna nel Pozzo’’, clown lab with Robert Mcneer, Pia Wachter, Rodrigo Morganti
  • Theatrical stage at “Teatro Nazionale Genova”, with the actresses Elisabetta Pozzi, Mercedes Martini and the actor Alberto Giusta
  • 2020 Singing Stage
  • Contact Dance Stage with Francesco Zita
  • 2020 Theatrical Stage-training for a month, at “RiGenerazione” Festival with the artistic direction by Robert Mcneer, Pia Wachter, Giorgio Degasperi, Natascia Fogu, Alessandrlo Lucci
  • 2019 Masterclass about scenic art and interpretation
  • 2017 Theatrical Stage with the artistic director from the European Theatre Centre “Etoile”: Daniele Franci.
  • Membre of the A.P.S. “Areté” at interational festival “Teatro Lab”.
  • Stage “ Fita Young Stage 2017“ Improvisation stage with tha actor and director Luigi Facchino.
  • 2016 “Il Musical” masterclass with Max Corfini and the actress Virginia Barrett. Partecipation as member of theater company “ I senza vergogna “
  • Stage “ Wake up Gospel Fest “ Gospel music stage by “Wake up Gospel Project” , under the artistic direction of Graziano Leserri, with Isaac Cates, Louvain Demps and Rosemary Cosby.
  • 2014 Theatrical Stage with the artistic director from the European Theatre Centre “Etoile”: Daniele Franci. Partecipation as member of the theatrical company “ I senza vergogna “ at International Festival “Teatro Lab “
  • Theatrical and musical training – acting lessons with Maria Giuseppa Nigro and Clara Magazzino, dance lessons with S. Frisa and singing lessons with M. Bianco.


  • 2022 ‘’Montecristo Tableaux Vivant’’ at Spazio Primitivo in Manduria
  • 2020 Partecipation at Festival “RiGenerazione” at Teatro la Luna nel Pozzo – Performer in various scenes
  • 2020 Partecipation at  “la Notte Verde” event with a monologue in florentine dialect by Stefano. The event was directed by “AWA production”
  • 2019 Musical “Action, it’s a musical”
  • 2016/19 Musical “Sciarada” – Actress, singer and dancer


  • 2022 “Palazzina LAF’’ directed by Michele Riondino – role Ilaria