Sonya Mellah

Languages: English, French, Arabic, Hebrew


  • 2014-13  “Giles Foreman” Drama Center (London)
  • 2012-10 Acting International, Atelier Damien Acoca, Corso Marie Boudet
    Canto with Cécile Bonardi
  • 2012-10 International Atelier of Theater Blanche Salant and Paul Weather
  • 2012-10 Tango and Flamenco at “Centre des Arts Vivants, Paris
  • 2012-10 Contemporary Dancing with E. Freitas Machado
  • 2008-06 Scuola Jean Perimony– (Paris)

Short Movies

  • 2013 “Saint Valentin” directed by S. Grimaldi
  • 2013 “Chi cerca trova” directed by A. Zonin
  • 2012 “Moi Elisa” directed by S. Fraty
  • 2012 “En attendant le train” directed by S. Grimaldi
  • 2010 ”Un air de famille” directed by M. Muller
  • 2010 “Patriarches” directed by K. Ait Kacem
  • 2009 ”Le printemps” directed by S. Hammiche
  • 2008 ”Cache cache” directed by R. Laredj
  • 2008 “Giulia” directed by R. Stuart


  • 2014 “Toute une nuit” by E. Freitas Machado
  • 2013 “Beaucoup de choses à vous dire” directed by L. De Fombelle
  • 2012 “Streap poker” directed by S. Courade
  • 2010 “En boucle” directed by I. Marchand



  • “Settimo grado” directed by M. Cappelli – role Amina
  • “Soumaya” directed by U. Abu-Usayd and W. Khan – role Mariam
  • “Il bene mio” directed by P. Mezzapesa – role Noor
  • “The secrets of Medea” directed by D. Julien
  • “Le bal des actrices” directed by Maiwenn