Lana Vlady

Languages: Russian and Italian (Mother tongue) English, French, Spanish


  • Workshop about “Meisner Technique” by Tom Radcliffe
  • Workshop with Stefania De Santis about “Blue Valentine”
  • Workshop with Stefania De Santis
  • Workshop with Doris Hicks- Rehersal Process
  • Acting Course with Gisella Burinato
  • Stage “Voice and Reading” directed by Luisa Stagni
  • Singing School directed by Giovanna Rumma.
  • Workshop“Tre sorelle” by A. Cechov directed by Filippo Gili
  • Acting Course at School “Campo teatrale” in Milan
  • Workshop directed by Vincent Chase, New York
  • Workshop “CREATING A CHARACTER” directed by Gari Jones, Matt Bannister & Josie Gradwell at “Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London”
  • Workshop “HOW TO DO YOUR BEST IN ACTING” directed by Brigid Panet, Michael Hargreaves & Gunnar Cauthery at “Royal Academy of Dramatic Art”, London


  • 2020 “Tutta colpa di Freud” directed by R. Ravello
  • 2019 “Dime quien soy” directed by E. Cortes
  • 2017 “E’ Arrivata la Felicità 2” directed by F.Vicario
  • 2017 “Nero a metà” directed by M. Pontecorvo
  • 2017 “Non Uccidere 2” directed by C.Noce, L. Sportiello, M. Alhaique, A.Valerio
  • 2016 “Che Dio ci aiuti” directed by F. Vicario
  • 2016 “Un passo dal cielo 4” directed by I. Michelini
  • 2016 “Il Commissario Montalbano” directed by A. Sironi
  • 2016 “I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone” directed by C. Carlei
  • 2015 “Una pallottola nel cuore” directed by L. Manfredi
  • 2015 “Come fai sbagli” directed by R. Donna e T. Aristarco
  • 2014 “Due di noi” directed by I. Cotroneo – promo
  • 2013 “1992″ directed by G. Gagliardi


  • 2022 “Il vicino Tranquillo” directed by F. Bernasconi
  • 2020 “Il Boemo”directed by Petr Vaclav
  • 2018 “Martin Eden” directed by P. Marcello
  • 2018 “Scappo a casa” directed by E. Lando
  • 2016 “Tafanos” directed by R. Paoletti- role Rebecca
  • 2016 “L’età imperfetta” directed by U.Lendaro
  • 2015 “Assolo” directed by L. Morante


  • “Anno zero” directed by Ombretta Nai

Short Movies

  • “Safe” directed by Lorenzo Nera
  • “Tutto da sola” directed by C. Chiaramonte


  • 2014 “Un attimo importante” Alex Britti directed by S.Tirelli
  • “Dimmi” Le Vibrazioni, directed by Cosimo Alemà
  • “Nothing more” Motel Connection, directed by Maki Gherzi


  • 2023 “Crazy Head” TV serie – directed by L. Vlady
  • 2017 “La Lepre” directed by L. Vlady